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After thousands of years of indulgence, it is enough to make the history brilliant, and the only one exclusive to old Beijing is "the magnificent Forbidden City, the ten thousand gates in the red wall palace". Stream down and forget to return to the stream, and forget to return to the stream from the stream."



The Dayali Dawang Road Store is designed by designer Wu Wei. It uses the unique color signs of old Beijing such as'Architectural Grey' and'Forbidden City Red' as the historical foundation, breaking through the shackles of the original brand, calling for new and new space vitality, and creating a brand new The image of the restaurant.



It seems to be able to perceive the magnificence of the Forbidden City, the golden roof, the vermilion wall, the red and yellow contrasting contrast, the rigidity and the softness, and the unspeakable imperial style of the mountains. The large area of mirror glass on the roof reflects the table top one by one. This tiny detail inspires the childishness in people's hearts, upwards, sees themselves, and insight into the heart, which arouses people's hearts and minds.



Some people say, "History is two pages in total, one page of the ocean and one page of the sacred fields." In the alternation of history, the echoes of the past are transmitted to the future, and the reflections of the future are brought to the present. Here is a beautiful mood of "holding a pipa in memory of the Forbidden City".



Relying on this, the designer not only retains the traditional cultural heritage but also has the space for modern art aesthetics, with the old and the new, inspiring the comprehensive upgrade of the old brand of Dayali, changing the past, giving new and unique strengths, making it full of vitality Meaning, take it as the most important, extend fullness.



The romantic and solemn temperament is thrilling. The large-area Chinese flower grids and the lights dotted like stars are crisscrossed and criss-crossed. The texture embodies a gentle, plain and light aesthetic feature, which is naturally extended.



Applying modern language, re-deconstructing and reorganizing tradition, it seems to analyze the spirit of China layer by layer, and see the beauty in the hazy, and the subtle difference in the light, which makes people fascinated. In addition, the designer simplified the ceiling to form a collision between modernity and tradition, bursting out new vitality in the gradual rhythm.



The objects used are all small and chic, and are integrated with the space. There is no lack of icing on the cake, and warmth in the subtleties. Not only is the space extended here, but sitting in it, even the thoughts are extraordinarily clear, lively, broad and free.



"The cinnabar is cooked in the tripod, and the celestial fairy enters the white clouds." Red is the color that most symbolizes the Chinese nation. From a deeper linguistic perspective, Russian red (krassnij) is universally beautiful. In Spanish, "color" and "red" are the same word, namely colorado. Now, what red gives is more the will and spirit of life such as passion, vitality, and strength.



Ascending the stairs, the layout is even more patchy. The corners are small and unique, and the surrounding lights are transparent, and the warm feeling emerges spontaneously. It makes the space sprawl out a kind of subtle emotion, free, smart, active and romantic.



"The wood is the nature of spring. The root of agriculture." Nature is the most essential manifestation. The wood itself is cut and reorganized to extend the momentum of setting up a mountain. It is shaped like a mountain and traces its roots to reveal the most original thing in front of people.



The exquisite space, quiet and beautiful transparent partitions, create a hazy atmosphere, and the large stone walls are natural and simple. With the impact and embellishment of bright colors on the wall paintings, the entire space is rich and comfortable.



Nowadays, the dining space is more than just a place to eat, meet the gentleman's hall, and hold a cup. In the process of pushing the cup and changing the cup, it becomes the place where emotions are gathered, and then becomes an indispensable way of life. This may also be the uniqueness of the designer.


设计以其前瞻性,创造多元化的体验,唤发品牌新的生命力。而于大鸭梨而言,则是一次 全新的品牌升级,从视觉以及彰显的内在的文化形态产生不可替代的市场竞争力,进而为品牌赋能,不断突破升级,构建文化、自然、艺术且充满生命力的空间。

With its forward-looking design, the design creates a diversified experience and evokes the brand's new vitality. As far as Dayali is concerned, it is a brand-new brand upgrade, which generates irreplaceable market competitiveness from the visual and manifested internal cultural forms, and then empowers the brand, continuously breaks through and upgrades, and builds culture, nature, art and A space full of vitality.







设计团队: 刘晨阳、贾琦峰 、李岩、金升旭、应哲光






Project information

Project Name: Dayali Roast Duck Dawang Road Store

Design company: Beijing IN•X Wulimenwai Design Company

Designer: Wu Wei

Design team: Liu Chenyang, Jia Qifeng, Li Yan, Jin Shengxu, Ying Zheguang

Completion time: September 2019

Project address: Dawang Road, Beijing

Design area: 1055㎡

Project Photography: Shi Yunfeng