创始人 / 创意总监








As the founder and creative director of IN . X based in Beijing, the interi- or architect Wu Wei is a master in Chinese catering space design. He is the designated designer for some popular restaurant in China, such as Siji Minfu Roast Duck Restaurant, Hu Da Restaurant, etc. With the design philosophy of “Strategy First, Design Follows", he has main- tained close strategic partnerships with many leading Chinese catering brands.

With deep attainments in esthetics and global perspective in business, he provides accurate business and design strategy for brand, thus, cre atingsustainable vitality for brand development. Wu Wei has witnessed and nourished the development of Chinese new generation catering brands.









Design Concept


致廣大而盡精微,極高明而道中庸。  ——《礼记·中庸》

To the vast and subtle, extremely high-minded and moderate. - "Book of Rites, the Doctrine of the Mean"



中庸之术 /Moderation


Behind any successful, beautiful thing is logic, space design must have strong logical support, there are rules to follow, rather than the architect's self-aesthetic expression or the pursuit of popular visual symbols. Not doing superficial work, refused to create a short-lived catering brand, is the design bottom line that Wu Wei insists. At present, the Chinese design industry is impetuous, and rapid mass production has become a common phenomenon. The catering industry continues to iterate and survive the fittest. The highly catering brands in all aspects are often the first to be shuffled by the market.



More than 20 years of experience in the design of dining space has enabled Wu to maintain a sense of time and help the brand to clarify the essence of the commercial market, not to be confused by illusions and noise. Wu likes rabbit. He often uses rabbits to be self-evident: his heart is clear, his mind is smart, and he is slightly shy. His talent and realm, his purity and persistence, he has his own awareness of the world, his perception of beauty, the exploration of brand value and the polishing of his life.



The doctrine of the mean, represents the essence of Chinese classical philosophy, while being smart and solid. In the design of Wu Wei, he advocated the integration of Chinese design aesthetics into the details of a piece of work, a detail, a shape, through the refinement of traditional cultural imagery, into more radiance and aura, forged into fine Modern design segment. The so-called design "in the bone is not in the skin", the empty "skin" will only become increasingly stiff and eclipsed, and a clear and handsome "skeleton" will last forever. Both inside and outside, as time goes by, it will radiate its own charm.



The golden mean is not a secular, facing the mass consumers, Wu Wei can not only meet the general aesthetic style of the society, but also emphasize the unique design of different spaces from the brand characteristics. His work is not limited to the established design style, refuses to simply misappropriate or copy the design of the past dining space, but tailors the design strategy for each customer to create a spatial symbol that blends with the brand culture. He focuses on the participation and control of the whole process of the project, taking the design work of high quality and high completion as the criterion, and strictly controlling each design detail.


精准的商业策略 / Precise business strategy



A successful restaurant, earning money does not mean success, but creates differentiated competitiveness and sustainable vitality of brand value. In the new market environment, the national consumer innovation, the brand's second upgrade, the interior design is not only considering the four walls and the heaven and earth whitewash. In order to improve customer experience and business efficiency, restaurant space designers must break through these six walls, continue the core DNA of the brand, shape the soul of commercial brands, effectively enhance the brand's commercial expression and appeal with space design aesthetics, and promote the entire design. The benign development of the business.



Wu Wei is not only an interior architect, but also an analyst in the food and beverage market and a strategic thinker in brand marketing. With its rich industry experience and profound aesthetics, he is well aware of the “lesion” of business management in the face of a mixed and catering market. “The designer is like a doctor. He needs to consult, take the pulse, and prescribe the right medicine. As a doctor, he must hope that his patient's life will continue.”



Wu Wei combines business strategy and design strategy. In the early stage of design, through market research, analysis of target consumers and business operation models, combined with a large database and catering experts based on the restaurant's cuisine, corporate culture, business objectives, etc. Resources assist in the development of business strategies, which use this strategy to derive the number of meals needed to meet the return on investment, cost control, etc., and finally form a clear design strategy, and then integrate their design concepts into the space.



Each restaurant should be the only product in the context of a specific venue. Once it is separated from the exclusive venue environment and brand positioning, space design will become a rootless one. Wu Wei clarifies the function of each square of the project, and makes reasonable design estimates for each inch of space, ultimately maximizing the benefits of Party A.





Representative Work




Catering category


Four Seasons Folk Boiled Duck Restaurant


Big Yali Roast Duck Restaurant


Hu Da Restaurant Restaurant


Red alley private house


Youth commune restaurant 


Tang Lang Xiangyun Township Store



Business category


Qumei Jingdong Home North Fifth Ring Flagship Store


Dongtao (TOTO) company showroom


Very home showroom


US LANE Furniture Showroom


Dabei Photo Studio Qianmen Head Office





Achievement honor



The 6th China Top Ten Accessories Designer Awards;

CDA中国设计奖红棉奖 年度设计新锐人物奖 

CDA China Design Awards Red Cotton Awards Annual Design New Talent Awards;

金堂奖中国室内设计年度评选 年度优秀休闲空间设计奖 

Jintang Awards China Interior Design Annual Awards Annual Excellent Leisure Space Design Award;

第二届中国软装100设计盛典 商业空间类优秀作品奖

The 2nd China Soft Pack 100 Design Festival Award for Outstanding Works in Commercial Space;



China Innovation Design Red Star Award;



Silver Award in the Living Room Furniture category of the 12th China Furniture Design Award;



The finalist of the CIAD Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix;



Gold Award for Architecture and Interior Design of the China (Shenzhen) International Brand and Design Grand Prix;


Excellent Creative Design Award of China (Shenzhen) International Brand and Design Grand Prix;


Asia Pacific Interior Design Biennial Grand Prix





联合创始人 / 主创设计师







北京屋里门外设计有限公司 联合创始人

Co-founder of Beijing Wulimenwai Design Co., Ltd.

北京力透(LEXTO)产品设计中心 创始人、设计总监


Beijing Litong (LEXTO) Product Design Center Founder, Design Director
Floral stylist







Graduated from Beijing Forestry University in 2004, majoring in environmental art design;

Since 2004, he has worked as a senior editor of "Colorful SPACE" magazine;

In 2006, he joined the design company outside the house;

Since 2007, he has been a senior lecturer in the soft design course of Zhonghe Fashion Space College;

In 2013, he planned and published the first collection of the book "Food and Beverage Philosophy" outside the house.


A professional background in environmental art design, he worked in the professional design media "Fun SPACE" magazine for ten years. In 2006, he joined the design company outside the house and worked with designer Wu Wei to promote the positive development outside the house. For the service of catering customers, and formed a unique design style; since 2007, he has worked as a lecturer in the institutions and institutions of China and the United States Fashion Space Soft Pack College, China Women's College, Taitai Yuetuan, and teaches soft clothes. Professional design courses such as furnishings and floral styling; in 2009, together with Wu Wei, founded the Lito product design center, launched original design products, and provided product design services for many domestic and foreign home brands.