IN.X屋里门外荣获APR Global Future Awards


IN.X屋里门外作品:上海泓0871臻选云南菜吴淞路店荣获APR GLOBAL FUTURE DESIGN全球未来奖银奖。


IN.X's works inside and outside the house: Shanghai Hong 0871 Selected Yunnan Cuisine Wusong Road Store won the silver award of APR GLOBAL FUTURE DESIGN Global Future Award.





The Hong 0871 Wusong Road Store marks the official entry of Hong 0871, which once held high the banner of "Dian cuisine in Beijing" and then prospered, has officially entered Shanghai.

The Yunnan cuisine is held in Shanghai. The space not only depicts the color, aroma and flavor of Yunnan cuisine, but also represents the fireworks and human feelings of Shanghai city.


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About APR

APR (Architecture Press Release) is a leading global architecture news agency. The agency covers all aspects of the modern creative industry, and is a good partner with media such as Interior World, Architecture Design Forum, Design Box, and Intech.

关于Global Future Design Awards

全球未来设计奖Global Future Design Awards由顶尖媒体品牌ARP设立于2016年,表彰建筑、室内、产品等广泛领域的卓越设计作品,已建成或概念作品均可参赛。该奖项关注新的技术、材料、美学及空间布局在设计中的运用,以及全球化、灵活性、可适应性和数字化变革方面的有关研究,是一个探讨建筑与自然、社区和城市之间关系的重要平台。


About the Global Future Design Awards

Global Future Design Awards The Global Future Design Awards was established in 2016 by the top media brand ARP to recognize outstanding design works in a wide range of fields such as architecture, interiors, and products. Completed or conceptual works can be entered. Focusing on the use of new technologies, materials, aesthetics and spatial arrangements in design, as well as research on globalization, flexibility, adaptability and digital transformation, the award is a project that explores the relationship between architecture and nature, communities and cities important platform.