在北京,印象中的大鸭梨烤鸭店,就如同百姓食堂般的熟悉、亲切,20多年间亲密伴随在大家的身边。2017年末,大鸭梨雅宝路店惊艳登场,以全新的形象奠定了品牌升级,从菜品、服务到环境的惊艳登场 。

In Beijing, the big Yali Roast Duck Restaurant in the impression is as familiar and intimate as the canteen of the people. It has been intimate with everyone for more than 20 years. At the end of 2017, Da Ya Li Yabao Road Store debuted with a brand new image, which made the brand upgrade from the dishes, service to the environment.


The Yabao Road area in Beijing has unique geographical features, integrating the embassy district, business district and traditional high-end residential area. Da Yali has established a “new” direction in the location of the new store, which is different from the previous store. The residential area where the address is located.


The Yabao Road store continues the trend of new design styles and is summarized as the theme of classic retro. The silhouette form made of custom steel plate restores the representative arch structure of European architecture and organically blends into the space; on the other hand, it comes from the impression of traditional oriental, old Beijing traditional hanging roast duck And the signature pear soup of Da Ya Pear, these classic dishes are set to highlight the theme, and the essence of the northern diet is refined and more representative.


The material application of the Yabao Road store is also a major breakthrough in design. The multi-layer texture of the store space is superimposed from the simple and natural texture. In the past, the surface of the restaurant was often pursued by high-brightness and precious materials. A sense of luxury. The Yabao Road store has a retro temperament that brings back the relationship between the guest and the environment. The original state of the material is designed ingeniously and secretly, presenting a sense of high sense of the sense of the sense of intimacy and no sense of intimacy. There is a cold feeling of strangeness.


The large area of water sandstone wall surface is the feeling of the nearest distance after the guest is seated. The rich texture effect is unique and not rough. It seems to be casual but it is intentional. The ground is paved with a traditional terrazzo process, which is different from the various stone materials commonly used in commercial spaces. After long-term friction, the terrazzo can show a low-key and deep gloss, recording the user's mark. The partition wall of the private room is made of hollow concrete bricks, which simulates the shape of the traditional lattice, which forms the functional separation of the space and also presents the visual openness. The brass chandelier in the private room, the organic shape that was manually knocked out, simulates the streamlined feeling of water drop in the natural state.


The central scattered area is an open area after entering the restaurant. In the large gray tone, the modern rose-red laminated glass becomes the absolute protagonist of the visual center, and the classic “Chinese Red” is still in the hue. The intricate connection between the two, the modern feeling that is about to spread, is constrained by the arched custom steel plate, and the interesting design language has become a special feature of the environmental experience.

中心区的天花上上设计了大型的装置,分处顶棚两侧,整体造型从大鸭梨的品牌元素形象上拆解出来,将“梨”从中剖开,概括为极简地线条与面来表达,从视觉上增加了空间的立体趣味性。 “梨”元素运用,还出现在了包房墙面的门牌设计上,异曲同工的效果,再次呼应了主题。

On the ceiling of the central area, a large-scale installation is designed, which is divided into two sides of the ceiling. The overall shape is disassembled from the brand image of Da Ya Pear, and the “Pear” is cut out from it, which is summarized as a minimalist line and surface. Expression, visually increasing the three-dimensional interest of space. The use of the "Pear" element has also appeared on the design of the doorplate on the wall of the private room. The effect of the same function is once again echoing the theme.


In the middle of the area enclosed by the scattered seats, the water landscape is set, and the scenery can be viewed from all directions of the space. The spatial arrangement forms a sense of rhythm and a sense of rhythm, and also plays a role in the three-dimensional space. The corresponding ceiling position, using custom-made thin copper tubes to form a unique rhythm, echoes the traditional Chinese architectural form, and also handles the conventional ceiling design to create a dramatic atmosphere. . The ceiling device is not only a delicate and delicate, but also can flow out of the water in the thin copper tube, and it will drip irregularly in the pool, and the feeling of the trickle will be displayed in the space in a three-dimensional manner. The sound of slamming when dripping into the water.


The wall design of the deck area forms a semi-enclosed shape, and the semi-arc structure treatment echoes the curved steel plate structure on the glass partition of the central part of the loose seat, and is disposed through the arc of each area in the space to form a visual Association. The single piece of the original wood board retains the most original texture effect, and the organic shape is irregularly stacked to restore the original existence.


The wall design of the deck area is expressed with rigorous lines and decorated with purple crystals. It is consistent with the modern sense of space. The sofa frame made of PE material is made of purple. And the sense of fashion in the sense of space is once again strong.

项    目:大鸭梨雅宝路店


设    计:吴  为


软装设计:杨  丽、王晨曦






Project: Da Ya Li Yabao Road Store

Design company: IN.X house exterior design company

Design: Wu Wei

Participate in the design: Jia Qifeng, Wu Qichen

Soft design: Yang Li, Wang Chenxi

Project Location: Beijing

Project area: 830m2

Main materials: water sand stone, terrazzo, original wood board, cement brick, steel plate, laminated glass

Completion time: February 2018

Space Photography: Shi Yunfeng