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On social platforms, Heyuan, a Taizhou cuisine restaurant located on Beijing’s Financial Street, went viral. In addition to “really delicious”, the low-key face and the inner universe became the most frequent words in guest reviews. In fact, has Heyuan fully laid out from a thought to today? Years, and her behind-the-scenes story and strategy really corresponded to what the diners said "there is something inside."




At the beginning of its opening, Heyuan, as a small restaurant of only 320 square meters, achieved a remarkable one-day turnover. There are two people behind the miracle format-one is the founder Yingzi. In the 25-year run of the top high-end catering industry in China, Yingzi has been from the store manager, the general manager of the Beijing area to the general manager of the brand. With the brand, we will expand our territory, grow together, and gain glory.



Another person is the space designer selected by Yingzi this time—Wu Wei from inside and outside the house. He led the team to complete all the design work of Heyuan Financial Street Store. In the high-end financial business district, there is never a lack of glamorous and fashionable high-end restaurants. As Heyuan, which specializes in Taizhou cuisine and seafood, the designer chose another path for it——"We want to create fireworks in the CBD. Urban people who yearn for local warmth and simple life will find this poetry here, allowing young people to get away from the fast pace for a while and enjoy the food and environment. This is the original intention of Heyuan ."



As a result, the sign of the "Taizhou Fish Market" was hung in an eye-catching position on the first floor. Fresh aquatic products and seasonal vegetables piled in baskets became the most interesting scenery along Financial Street.


At first, Yingzi wanted to open a bar on the first floor of Heyuan to enrich the business model to make up for the lack of small space, but now, the pure "Taizhou Fish Market" occupies all the space on the first floor, which is part of Wu Wei's design strategy.



Although the restaurant space is limited, in Financial Street, people's curiosity and demand for fireworks in the city are far greater than for a bar, and two completely different operating experiences will also conflict in the same space. Therefore, in the spliced bluestone wall of the coarse mine, old wood sets up the structural frame of the seafood stall. Bamboo curtains, bluestone strips, cement, and aqua blue tiles restore the lively atmosphere of the stall. Old wine, vegetable baskets, The fresh aquatic products and the rich water vapor are both the background color of the noisy market. In the warm yellow light, this framed "firework" stands alone in the bustling financial street, even a little uncomfortable, but Extraordinarily fascinating.



Throughout the restaurant, years of natural materials have been re-woven, cut and combined to form a structure and art on the blue-gray muscle base. The seemingly abnormal design strategy has won excellent results in Heyuan. The sunlight from outside the window falls on the overlapping woven bamboo partitions, and then spreads to the dark and shallow old wood, bluestone slabs, concrete floors, leather dining chairs, The lush plants present a rich and heavy layered texture in the small space.






Creating an excellent sense of quality in a very small space is the test of the design, and the choice of plain materials is only the first step.



In the open dining area, bamboo and rattan have gained new identities through rhythmic weaving. As screens, roof installations, bar counters, etc., the designer gives them a simple and contemporary overall sense, and uses the rustic materials themselves to create rich details in the details. Exquisite. The bluestone slabs of different colors also completely retain the original state, but through cutting and recombination, the entire wall surface spliced vertically is obtained. They extend upward to elongate the line of sight, and the natural features of the mountains and rocks are ready to come out. Corresponding to it is the refreshing peacock blue on the side of the window, which brings youthful freedom and comfort in the collision. The mirrored ceiling reflects the space in the ripples of the lake, and the line of sight stretches to a high place, giving a feeling of a possible narrow space. Dissipated immediately. The color of the dining table and chair is simple and simple, but the shape tends to be light and comfortable. From any angle, it embraces diners under the premise of ensuring quality, rather than forming a sense of distance.



In the private room, the material is deduced again, and the original texture is further backed out, hidden under the structure and furniture with a stronger sense of ritual. The creation of a little sense of distance makes the interior tone calm and pushes the mature and heavy experience of the private room to the extreme . From being attracted by the lively fireworks of the city to the simple but exquisite elite experience after entering, Heyuan has opened a space where fireworks can be accessed in the prosperous area, like a tree, the root system is deep into the soil, and the canopy reaches the heights, with a lasting Vitality also creates excellent scenery.




项目名称:禾苑 • 台州鱼市

室内设计:IN.X 屋里门外设计

设计主创:吴为 www.inxid.com







Project information

Project Name: Heyuan • Taizhou Fish Market

Interior design: IN.X interior and exterior design

Designer: Wu Wei www.inxid.com

Design team: Jia Qifeng, Liu Chenyang, Jia Chenjuan

Interior furnishings: Jin Shengxu, Ying Zheguang, Song Jiangli

Project area: 320 square meters

Project Photography: Zheng Yan

Project planning: 楽 brand strategy agency